BMEC is a Cape Town based multidisciplinary engineering consultancy. We provide our global network of clients with a one-stop-shop for project management, design and manufacture services. Our multidisciplinary team specialises in using the latest technologies and manufacturing methods to provide insightful solutions quickly and affordably.


BMEC has a no-compromise approach to quality and safety. Ethical, elegant engineering is the cornerstone of our business.


Our dedicated team coupled with our partner-network of suppliers means we can guarantee the shortest development time.


Our professional services are highly competitive and our experienced team is here to help you find balanced solutions that fit your budget and your timeline.



BMEC's multidisciplinary team specialises in using the latest technologies and manufacturing methods to create turnkey engineering solutions.


BMEC delivers projects on-time and on-budget. We've carefully crafted our development process to be fast, efficient and agile while mitigating risk.

COMMUNICATION: Continuous client engagement ensures we deliver on the requirement.

RISK MANAGEMENT: BMEC's engineers thrive on producing elegant and cutting-edge designs. Rapid-prototyping coupled with our fail-safe review process ensures our projects are realised with first-time manufacturing success.

OPTIMISATION: We use the latest project management and time-tracking technology to deliver an optimal and competitive spectrum of engineering services.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: BMEC works closely with South Africa's leading patent attorneys to develop and protect your IP.

CERTIFICATION: We have experience designing and testing to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of both the medical device and food processing industries (CE, FDA).


Our talented staff pride themselves on delivering elegant, innovative and unrivalled engineering solutions. We use the latest in computational modelling and design software to optimise and de-risk our designs. We specialise in multidisciplinary projects including the following:

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: full-stack mobile (Android and iOS), web, back-end and embedded software development.

ELECTRONIC DESIGN: Schematic and PCB design, microcontroller monitoring and control applications, BLE, 802.15.4 and GSM based low power wireless networks, IoT applications, industrial and medical X-ray, CCD and ultrasound imaging systems.

MECHANICAL DESIGN: Industrial design, 3D mechanical design, composites, acoustic coupling, product rendering, simulation, automation, industrialisation, thermal dynamics, CFD and FEA.


We leverage our partner-network of global manufacturers and suppliers to deliver the optimal balance of lead-time, quality and cost. Design for manufacture is carefully considered throughout the development process and our capabilities include:

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURE: 3D  printing, composite manufacture, vacuum die casting and injection moulding.

FORMING AND BENDING: CNC laser cutting and bending, spinning and punching.

MACHINING: CNC milling and turning.

WELDING AND ADHESIVES: Tig, mig, spot and automated welding as well as composites, plastics and metal bonding.

ELECTRONIC PRODUCTION: PCB and FPC manufacture and assembly.

PROCUREMENT: Local and foreign supplier and import management.

PRODUCTION: Using Mufasa, our bespoke production management platform, BMEC offers production line design and small to large scale production and after-market service.



Most of what BMEC does is kept carefully under wraps but we've shared a selection of our projects below.


A full-stack IoT system for precision fertiliser spreader.

Industrial design
Industrial design

Rendering of an industrial cabinet we developed for the food processing environment.

Orbital retractor
Orbital retractor

A novel surgical retractor that enables a novel surgical treatment for glaucoma. Developed for Liqid Medical.


A bespoke IoT solution build on the unparalleled ESP32 Wi-Fi and BLE enabled, dual core, microprocessor.


Surge1 is an implantable blood pressure simulator for surgical skills and first responder training in cadavers.


Pulse1 is a specialist pulsate flow pump for surgical skills training, medical device development and research.


This titanium micro-machined component is a permanent surgical implant in one of BMEC's protected projects.

Ozone sanitation
Ozone sanitation

BMEC developed this protected ozone-based sanitation equipment for food processing applications. Our work includes the design and manufacture of an IP rated cabinet for hygiene critical environments as well as closed-loop industrial control of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems with remote monitoring capabilities.

Electronic development
Electronic development

This PCB development forms part of one of BMEC's protected projects.


BMEC developed a mobile application and associated cloud database specifically for one of our medical device clients. Order requirements, stock levels, specific quality inspections and unique identification via QR codes for both parts and assemblies is fully managed via this bespoke stock and production management system to ensure compliance with the requirements of the ISO 13485 quality standard for medical devices.



With over 10 years of experience, our team thrives on the challenge of solving the toughest engineering problems.

Raphael has an MSc (Med) degree in Biomedical Engineering from UCT, and a BSc (Eng) degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand. His expertise include mechanical, software and mechatronic design with a passion for system integration and creating protectable IP.

Heidi is a graduate of the University of Cape Town with a BSc (Eng) degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Heidi has a wealth of experience in project management and regulatory compliance and certification as well as experience in mechanical, electronic and software design.



A selection of clients that trust BMEC to solve their most challenging technical problems.

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