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Timeline™ • LED hourglass

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Improve your relationship with time

Therapists and teachers

Create visual schedules to help with transitions

Keep track of time to pace patients, students, sessions and lessons

Visualise time in a new way to assist with time management challenges

Customise your space with adjustable brightness and colour

Provide a visual stimulant to assist with focus and regulation

"The Timeline is freakin amazing in therapy sessions!"

- Claire Fourie


Teach your child to understand time

Visualise their routines

Get out the house on time

Manage transitions with timers, start/end times and periods

"The Timeline helps our whole family get out the house on time. It has totally changed our mornings"

- Raphael Smith

Help your child with long-distance car rides

Manage light sensitivity with adjustable brightness and colour

"I use an app on my computer to track how much I'm working each day but this seems better"

- Andrew

Students and adults

Set time goals for work/study and rest

Finish tasks on time without running over

Visualise time spent AND time remaining

Customise your environment with adjustable brightness and colour

Use as a stopwatch or countdown timer

Durations from 5 minutes up to 4 hours

Automatic/manual progress adjustment

Plan your time with blocks

Adjustable brightness

Customizable colours

Stimulating animations

Simple connectivity

Students and adults

Timeline™ is a brand of BMEC Technologies (PTY) Ltd.© • BMEC Technologies 2023 • Pricing subject to change without notice

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